Greek Committee on Large Dams

Please visit the Greek Committee on of Large Dams website and find out about the Working Groups, Publications, Events and Activities of the Greek Committee on Large Dams. We are sorry to inform you that only a very small part of the information contained in the website is available in English at this moment. We are working on improving our website and we aim to include more information in the English language as soon as possible.


The Greek Committee on Large Dams (GCOLD) was founded in 1965, aiming to promote the development of all the aspects of design, construction, maintenance and operation of large dams.

Working Groups

The Greek Commission of Large Dams invites its members to contribute with their time, effort and expertise and participate in the Working Groups.

Large Dams in Greece

This webpage contains some typical information about the 10 highest Large Dams in Greece. You can also have a look at the Greek National registry of Large Dams.

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