Dear members, friends and colleagues,

The Greek Committee for Large Dams (GCOLD) created at the beginning of 2022 the Young Professionals Forum (YPF – Young Professionals Forum or Young Engineers Forum as it was called internationally until recently) following the standards of the other national member committees of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD – International Commission on Large Dams).

The aim of the Young Professionals Forum is to encourage the engagement of younger engineering professionals in dam and reservoir related matters.

It contributes in this way to the creation of a network that encourages the participation and activity of younger engineers in the meetings and events of GCOLD and ICOLD but also to the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the respective forums of the other national committees.

Monitoring and participation in the events of the young professional’s forum (GCOLD – YPF) can be done by all registered members of GCOLD (with an emphasis on the age limit of under 40 years old in relation with the instructions of ICOLD.

The Greek Young Professionals Forum actively participates in the events of the International Young Professionals Forum (ICOLD-YPF), with the last meeting in Marseille within the framework of the 27 th ICOLD Dam Conference in June 2022.

We gladly invite all who are interested to contact us in order to grow the Greek forum!

You may contact us via::
Responsible: Angelos Rambias

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